Photos from November 26th and 27th

We took last weekend off from our tintype booth last weekend because I had a cold and was going through a rough week of chemotherapy.  This post contains portraits from the weekends of November 12/13th and November 26/27th. Enjoy!

Weekend Polaroids

Polaroids from the weekend of November 11th 2016

Money Mark stopped by Make Santa Fe Friday afternoon before his show with Mangchi and Kid Koala.  He had just picked up a Polaroid Land Camera from Goodwill for $5 which was nearly identical to the one I've been shooting with for the last week.  We ended up splicing some audio cords with a non-functioning Polaroid flash to trigger my white lightning strobes.  The double exposure is a result of our first test not firing.  The standardized lighting makes for a gorgeous exposure on a finicky stock.  We shot a bunch of tin-types later in the night which I'll post early next week. 

Matt and a few other Meow Wolfers headed up to standing rock this weekend to deliver some supplies and lend a hand with everything going on.  

Polaroid Land Camera 320


I recently bought a Polaroid Land Camera 320 with some Fuji FP-100c film. Planning on doing street portraits with it in my free time.  Asking folks to write a bit about themselves or their day on the back with little to no instruction from me.  Here are a few shots from my first 2 packs of film.